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'Exercise mania’ can prove fatal…

Let's understand some of the following cases... 25 years old Arjav an excellent Dodhiya(Garba) player... no disease at all ... Known all over the city for doing garba all night and winning prizes night , after Garba he comes home, gets suddenly breathless... And before someone understands, Arjav dies.

Another case like this…. 42 years Alpesh is a very well known Pace Bowler. Fit and handsome .it goes to the gym one morning at the same time… goes to gym as usual one day, starts exercising on treadmill and suddenly collapses there only...

32 years saarthak, the only son of his parents, a marathon runner...very healthy… run marathon run one day, run 3km marathon, run with great courage.... on the final marathon event, just 300 meters before ‘ finish ‘ line, he gets congestion in chest and he took his last breath. (Cases based on true facts… names have been changed.) How many traumatic and surprising events are these? Today's generation is becoming more and more aware of health. Awareness in dietary patterns, using only expensive organic foods, eating vegan food, drinking alkaline water, cleaning their hands frequently with sanitizer, sweating a lot at the gym, running marathons and much more…!!! This is actually a good thing ... but why we come across so many cases of sudden death during exercise nowadays? “Awareness of fitness is a real admiration, but without understanding the intricacies of fitness and understanding of one's physical, medical limitations, without proper diet knowledge, exercising without the potential problems, could prove fatal…” Here is what a cardiologist says for sudden death during exercise. Surat city's renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Mahesh Vinchurkar: - According to a conversation with Mahesh Vinchurkar,” sudden death during exercise causes 'sudden cardiac arrest' (due to sudden shut down of the heart muscles). There is a difference between heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. As a result of plaque formation in the blood vessels, the blood supply to the heart decreases and the heart stops functioning gradually. It is said to have a heart attack. On the contrary, when there is no obstruction of any kind but suddenly a huge blood supply reaches to the heart and sudden loss of functioning of the heart can be called 'sudden cardiac arrest’.”

As per my discussion with the well known cardiologist of surat , Dr Pritesh Parekh, “ there can be many reasons associated with ‘ sudden cardiac arrest’, we can not label here as a main reason for death during workout but as a cardiologist I would like to suggest that one should not do unknown exercises with many repetitions in the beginning. One must understand his own physical boundaries. No gym trainer neither a dietician knows your body better than ‘YOURSELF’. Your body gives signals at particular time to STOP. One should listen to those’ signals’ carefully. There are several factors that can cause sudden heart failure. 1. Sudden structural or electromagnetic change that has not yet been elucidated, but it is sometimes difficult for the heart to handle a large blood supply sent to the heart. - What to do? - To avoid this situation, do not exercise too much until suddenly. Gradually increase the body's capacity. Do not work out in the competition of others. All possess different physical endurance. Try to understand your own limitations. 2. Dehydration: - Excessive sweating occurs during excessive cardio exercises and through this sweat the body's cells lose a lot of water. Sudden cardiac arrest may also occur due to cellular dehydration. - What to do? - Always drink 200ml of water before exercise. (Drinking too much can cause problems as well). Drink 50 ml of water every 20 minutes during exercise so that the amount of water is maintained. 3. Deficiency of minerals in the body: - Potassium, chloride, sodium etc. minerals are essential for the functioning of the heart. The problem is that we do not perform a level check of these minerals without cause. And finally the functioning of the heart is lost. - What to do? - Do an electrolyte-level blood test before exercise classes, marathon runs, classes at Garba or sports events. If there is a deficiency in these levels, take the necessary medication first as advised by a doctor and get personalised diet chart to balance these minerals from a qualified dietician. This requires taking ORS (oral rehydration solution) or plain lemonade before and during exercise. 4. HypoGlycemia: - Exercising on an empty stomach can lower blood glucose levels and decrease blood supply to the brain and heart. Such circumstances can also be fatal. - What to do? - Never exercise on an empty stomach. A handful of dry fruits may be taken before exercise. Yes, do not exercise too on full stomach. 5. Caffeine use: - gym trainers and fitness coaches often advise to drink black coffee before exercising or before a marathon run as it increases our ability to exercise more. But sometimes as a result of the stimulation caused by the caffeine effect, we are exercising beyond the limitations of our body, which inadvertently put a lot of pressure on our heart and that pressure can sometimes lead to death. - What to do? – Coffee with milk or a latte or cappuccino can be consumed before a work out session. Exercise accordingly until you understand your physical limitations. 6. Inadequate sleep: - Getting enough sleep before exercising is important that the body's muscles get full rest. Exercise when exhausted muscles reduce elasticity of muscles and breaks down these tissues. Something similar can happen to the heart muscle. Tired heart muscles may fail to regulate excessive blood supply. - What to do? - Be sure to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep during the night previous to workout or sports event. If you have participated in a sports event or dance event held in the evening, sleep for 45 minutes power nap before the event. 7. Stress: - During exercise, dopamine called "Happy Hormones" is added to the bloodstream and keeps the mind calm and happy. But sometimes in stressful situations, stress hormones cause irregular heartbeats; at that point excessive aerobic exercise can lead to greater damage to the heart. - What to do? – in stressful condition, instead of aerobic vigorous exercise, emphasis on doing yoga, pranayama, and meditation, which are calming .After the mental state resumes to normal, do other exercises. 8. Fasting and starvation: - Exercises performed on empty stomach give greater load to the cells of the heart that has less energy and the cells of the heart are suddenly get cardiac arrest. - What to do? – Avoid complete fasting (like roja or nirjala fast) if you are exercising and if you must fast then avoid heavy exercises during those days. Before doing any type of exercise make sure that the heart cells have a full supply of energy. Don't risk exercising when you feel tired. Thus, before exercising, follow the doctor's advice only after knowing what types of exercises will be beneficial for your body. And before exercise, ensure to get a proper diet plan providing optimum nutrition to your muscles from a qualified dietician, adequate sleep and stress free mantle conditioning. Note: - Exercise is very important but wellness should be the sole objective. One must do exercise according to the physical abilities and not to compete anyone or please people.

(I sincerely thank Dr. Mahesh Vinchurkar Sir, a renowned cardiac surgeon of the city and Dr. Pritesh Parekh for their immense support for providing me helpful information while writing this article )

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