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Let's welcome 'Menopause' healthily: -

In general, the process of menstrual discontinuation is known as menopause. Hormone changes in young girls result in gradual physical, mental, behavioural changes and the girl becomes naturally capable of becoming pregnant. The same way, the effects of hormones slowly start decreasing when women are nearing 40 years. The menstrual secretions decrease and eventually stop. The process which is very natural can also cause some physical problems, and perhaps if the body is not properly nourished, these problems will take on a bigger shape. Thus, our physical, mental well-being is vital for such big change in life. So, let us understand how we can cure menopause problems with proper diet through this article. So first of all, let’s understand that “menopause is not a problem in itself”. It is just an event of life in which if we are fit and healthy, there is no problem. Most of the following effects are due to the decreasing amount of estrogen hormone • Central obesity- fat deposition on the stomach region • Weakening of bones, evening aches • Digestive tract disorders • .fatigue • Irritability in nature • Hot flashes (feeling hot and redness especially on face). Here is what kind of food can protect against the above symptoms… Do this: 1. Maintaining the right amount of calcium is essential: - It is natural for the bones to become weak during menopause. To prevent this problem, it is necessary to maintain a proper amount of calcium in the body. For this, use milk (skimmed or cows) and milk products, green vegetables, sesame seeds, oatmeal, fish, shrimp in daily diet. It is necessary to take approximately 1200 mg calcium per day. 2. Addition of Iron in daily meals: - due to iron deficiency in the body, females may experience Fatigue. The daily requirement of iron per day is about 8 mg. For this, iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, dried fruits like dates, figs, black currents, prunes, eggs, apples, and pomegranates should be consumed as much as possible( any one from the list should be used at least 3 times a day). 3. Eating fibre rich foods: - Taking plenty of fibre in food helps the stomach feel full for a long time and metabolism work well. For this, fruits, vegetables, wheat bran, oats should be taken in a good quantity. Especially before meals, a fibre-rich diet like salad can be taken. 4. Drinking enough water: - It is necessary to drink at least 15 glasses of water a day. Water helps preventing constipation. It keeps blood pressure under control. 5. Exercise: - workout at least for 45 minutes a day. It can be Yoga, gym, zumba, swimming or just a walk. It really helps in producing ‘happy hormones’ in the body that keeps hormonal mood swings under control and off course... controls excess weight gain. 6. Meditation: - meditation for 15 minutes daily can help you avoid negative thoughts. 7. Do Activities that make you feel happy:-Do any of your favourite activities at least for a few minutes a day. It can be music, drawing, writing, or dancing to keep you positive and recharged. 8. Get enough sleep: - During the hours of sleep, our body performs the cleansing process inside our body. In absence of enough sleep, toxins are added to the body that invites illness. In addition, inadequate sleep increases stress. Therefore, it is necessary to get at least7 hours of sleep on the mobile side during the night. 9. Supplements of calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin D and iron during menopause can be taken as advised by the doctor. Do not: - 1. Keep too big gap between two meals. Keep taking fruits, dried fruits, lemonade in between. 2. Avoid using fried and maida preparations that have a high amount of Trans fat 3. Consume sea food and chicken instead of red meat. 4. Avoid consuming excessive sweets and ice cream. Do not use more than 2 teaspoons of sugar a day. 5. Avoid excessive consumption of salt. One can consume 3 grams of salt( 3/4th tea spoon) per day. 6. Avoid alcohol intake as it can increase obesity and depression as its after effect. 7. Strong coffee may increase the amount of stress as a side effect. Avoid drinking too much strong coffee. 8. Avoid too spicy food that causes acidity. 9. Avoid self medications without consulting a doctor. Talk to all the family members, especially the spouse about the psychological changes that may occur during menopause, and they can be requested to give you full support in dealing with these symptoms. But yes, over expectations may put emotional stress too!

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