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Marriage season,Winter and Health:- Fo

For the last one month, many patients have come and said, "Neerja Ben,please help us to lose weight and give me such a diet plan that even if you eat heavily during marriage, you will not gain weight..." Now.... Neither Neerja Ben, nor God can help to do anything in this case. When the consumption of overload food eaten is in excess..weight gain is bound to happen,,so what if we make a wise choice of food in marriage? So maybe weight gain can be prevented right?

So let's choose the food in such a way that weight gain can be prevented. For that we will keep the following points in mind.

·        Whenever you leave home for a wedding meal, eat a large bowl or a small salad before going out. A full stomach will reduce the desire to eat.

·        Consuming a lot of water during the day :- There is no idea of ​​hydration of the body during events and running throughout the day. Due to dehydration, we often turn to cold drinks or juices instead of water. As a result, the body consumes a lot of calories.

·     Consuming fruits whenever possible :- Fruits can be consumed if possible in the period between two occasions so that only blood glucose and water are retained in the body. In addition,the glucose of fruits reduces the desire to eat sweets served on the table at dinner. Also, due to the fibers of the fruits, the stomach remains full so that one does not feel too hungry.

·   Consuming coconut water at noon :- If coconut water is consumed at noon, the sodium-potassium content in the cells will be maintained properly so that blood pressure is not likely to increase or decrease. Apart from this, standing continuously in the wedding dress can cause the common problem of 'pedal oedema' i.e. swelling of the feet. So coconut water can definitely help in this problem.

First intake of salad in the meal :- Consume the meal only after consuming the salad or soup before the meal. If the stomach is full, take less food. It is natural to eat more than necessary if you are very hungry and eat over loadedly. But yes, before taking the salad, keep the following in mind... A walk to the kitchen, -

Are the vegetables washed properly?

- Whether the vegetables are properly stored in a clean place?

- How is the salad cut,,with a knife. Do not eat salad cut with an iron knife. Eat salad only if a stainless steel knife is used

- If the salad is chopped too finely, do not eat it because its nutrients are destroyed very quickly.

- Opt for large chunky salads

- As far as possible, opt for salads like corn, sprouted beans, whole boiled beans and pulses if there is an option.

·        Experiment with other dishes as much as the hunger remains after taking salad or soup first.

. Avoid fried foods as much as possible

· Eat Salad as much as possible - after taking soup, dal rice if it works, so that vegetables with too much oil can be avoided.

Apart from the main meal, if you indulge in small continental dishes and chaat counters after having soups and salads, the temptation to indulge in greedy high calorie dishes may be controlled.

·        Go to the counter of sweet dishes and desserts only after having full stomach. So that one cannot eat more even if one wants to. Sweet dishes are eaten as soon as the tongue is satisfied. There is a risk of gaining weight while satisfying the stomach.

·        Getting enough sleep :- If you don't get enough sleep at night, the calorie metabolism slows down and the fat burning process slows down. That is why weight gain is seen after marriage.

Thus, if marriage is enjoyed keeping the above points in mind, then there is no fear of gaining weight.

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